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6th World Belly Dance Festival, 19 - 21 May 2023, Singapore

The 6th World Belly Dance Festival welcomes you to the international stage!

Competition - Gala Show - Workshops: all happening from 19 May to 21 May, 2023 in Singapore!

A long-awaited gathering of renowned international Masters, local bellydance teachers, artistes, and dance enthusiasts! Let’s Ignite Our Passion and bring Oriental Dancing to the next level. This is a Festival you won’t want to miss out!

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Burlesque / Cabaret
Hip-Hop / Kpop
Chinese Fusion Dance
Heels Dance

World Belly Dance Competition, 19 May 2023, Singapore

The World Belly Dance Competition is now OPEN FOR REGISTRATION!

Welcome all dance enthusiasts to the international stage!

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Authentic Bellydance
Chinese Fusion
Burlesque / Cabaret
Kpop / Hip-Hop

Our Founder, Jamila


~ World Belly Dance Champion ~


Jamila is South East Asia's most beautiful and captivating Queen of Oriental Dance. She holds the record as Istanbul’s international dual-championship winner in bellydancing, and participated in China’s “So You Think You Can Dance” & CCTV’s ”舞出我人生” Live Show. She was a guest performer for China’s Guangxi Satellite TV & Vietnam’s HCM TV station. Jamila is often invited to perform and teach around the world in Turkey, Egypt, France, Hungary, China, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia & many other locales.
As Singapore’s most influential and outstanding Oriental Dance Artiste, Jamila was the first to introduce bellydance as a musical concert, Extravaganza, in 2011, and a Egyptian-themed dance festival, “穿越”, in 2012. She was also the first to teach belly dancing on local TV, and frequently appears on local media and TV. Since 2014, Jamila organized the annual World Belly Dance Festival, attracting hundreds of international dancers and participants to its Gala Shows, Competitions and Workshops. A former professional model, Jamila was appointed as Singapore's "Golden Flower" cultural ambassador to ASEAN, since 2009.

Our Clients & Students say...

Been taking bellydancing classes with Jamila since early May and I've learnt so much! I have a knee injury and was quite scared to start dancing again, however Jamila is really nice and takes into account my injuries when we're dancing. I recently did 2 one on one choreography classes with Jamila in preparation for my Masters audition and she was very thorough. In just 2 hours we prepared an entire 3+ minute choreography that I am very confident in, despite my lack of abilities (and muscles).

Overall, I would highly recommend Bellydance Extraordinaire to everyone, regardless of experience, age or injuries!! [Dana]
I absolutely love these classes. Jamila is just so amazing, she is a very graceful dancer and a great and patient teacher. Every class, there are new steps and new choreographies. She focuses on every student and makes the classes extemely fun and enjoyable at the same time. She makes you learn beautiful poses. For me, this is like medidation and major stress buster. And must be the best belly dance class in Singapore. I am very happy with my association with this class and will continue to be a part of it. Also, other students are super friendly and fun to hang out and dance together with :) i wish i could give more than 5 stars. [Preeti]

在非凡,我学习了肚皮舞、华族舞、Burlesque、Exotic dance.


기본적인 테크닉을 다양한 안무와 음악과 같이 배워요. 같은 동작을 다양한 안무로 응용을해서 반복하는것 같지않으면서 지루하지도 않고. 자밀라가 동작보여주고 우리끼리 연습이 아니라 자밀라랑 같이 계속 반복 연습이라서 나처럼 느려도 자밀라의 동작을 계속보면서 따라하니까 자밀라의 정확한 동작과 내동작의 차이점을 알게되더라고요. 처음 10번정도 하고나서는 어덯해 해야지 동작이 정확하고 이쁘구나하고 알겠어요. 동작이 안되면 자밀라가 자세하게 개인적으로 가르쳐주기도 하고요. 같이배우는 다른 사람들과의 분위기도 좋아요. 여러가지 다른 댄스도 있어서 시간이 되면 밸리댄스 말고도 다른 댄스나 요가를 배울수도 있고 강력 추천합니다. [Hannah]

Translation> Learn basic techniques along with various choreography and music. It doesn't seem like repeating the same movement with various choreography, and it's not boring. Jamila showed me the moves and it was not a practice between us, but repeated practice with Jamila, so even if I was slow like me, I kept watching and imitating Jamila's movements. After doing it for the first time about 10 times, you have to be careful, but I know that the movements are accurate and pretty. If it doesn't work, Jamila personally teaches me in detail. I also like the atmosphere with other people I study with. There are many other dances, so if you have time, you can learn other dances or yoga besides belly dance, and I highly recommend it.
High-quality and exciting dance classes! I 100% recommend Jamila! She is such a fun and caring instructor while being really attentive to each student's form, posture and varying dance abilities. Bellydance Extraordinare is also really good at connecting dancers socially, and it is is such a wonderful group of ladies! [Sara]
Simply love everything about BE!! Jamila is very patient, encouraging during class, she helps me correct my posture and show each and every move patiently. I feel very motivated and I Love every moment with Bellydance Extraordinaire, and it's more than a dance school, it's where I met beautiful sisters who share the same love for dance!! [Loges]
It’s not just a dance studio, but community of amazing individuals who love dancing, learn from each other and support! Jamilya is extraordinary teacher who can find approach to anyone. Loving my time here![Nailya]
Jamila is a beautiful dancer and wonderful teacher. classes are good for every level as she is able to cater to different levels during class. [Sharon]
This is the best dance school in the entire Singapore! The instructors were amazingly friendly and very skilled. The classes were organized in very convenient hours. The communication was the best and I felt very welcome there all the time. They also offered virtual classes for those interested. On the weekends there were special classes with extra party like free dance shows. I have learnt a lot and I would definitely go there again once I am back in Singapore. [Agnieszka]
Classes are really great, fun, upbeat, and very well conducted to suit all levels. I like that instructor, Jamila explains all the variations of ethnic dancing with fervor, and incorporates mini drills into choreography to help us get the right moves. Expect to sweat a little, groove along and enjoy a lot! [Peggy]
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