Extraordinary Goddess

The 2023 Extraordinary Goddess Pageant


In 2023, Bellydance Extraordinaire unveils the "Extraordinary Goddess" crown, a pageant to inspire women in our diverse and multi-cultural society to build personal achievements, promote feminine beauty and be part of a community that contribute meaningfully to our society while exemplifying the core values of sincerity, kindness and wisdom.

The pageant is open to women from around the world. Contestants must be of age 18 and above. There were 2 contesting groups:

Extraordinary Goddesses Group: Open to contestants of age between 35 and above (no limit).

Extraordinary Angels Group: Open to contestants of age between 18 and 35.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ExtraordinaryGoddess/


Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire personal achievements, create cultural awareness, encourage feminine beauty while exemplifying core values of sincerity, kindness and wisdom by giving back to the society through charity activities.


Challenge your Boundaries

Through the Extraordinary Goddess Pageant, we aim to provide a personal development platform for contestants to grow, cultivate their talents and realize their potential.

The Pageant is open to all women regardless of age, height, marital status, race and nationality. We believe in embracing differences among women so as to achieve fostering an environment where women share and support one another


Fair & Transparent

The 2023 Extraordinary Pageant had the honor of Dato' Seri Toh Soon Huat JP, BBM(L), PVPA, as one of its main judges. He is a well-respected philanthropist, widely known for his charity works and is a symbol of truth, kindness and love.


Highlights from the 2023 Extraordinary Goddess Pageant, held on 19 May 2023:


Talent Show Highlights:


Fashion Show Highlights:


The 2023 Extraordinary Goddess Pageant FULL SHOW (held on 19 May 2023):


Pageant Winners:


Grace Lim, Champion Goddess Category & Most Talented Goddess


Romi Mittag, 1st Runner-up, Goddess Category


Royis Pang, 2nd Runner-up, Goddess Category


Christina Li, Most Beautiful and Best Styling Goddess


Michelle Lim, 爱心奖 Goddess


Jesseca Long, Champion, Angel Category


Keisha Sarah Wee, 1st Runner-up, Angel Category


SiS Sijun Li, 2nd Runner-up, Angel Category


Angela Chen, Most Beautiful & Best Styling Angel


Rosita Wang, Most Talented Angel




Mr. David Abraham, International Bellydance Superstar and Master Teacher


Dato' Seri Dr. Toh Soon Huat, JP, BBM(L), PVPA


Dato Dr. Terence Tea, BBM, Chairman & CEO of Accrelist Ltd


Mr. Aaron Tan, Founder of Lex(S) Entertainment Productions



Main Sponsor:




Designated Make-up and Styling Agency:

EX Makeup Arts Academy


Media coverage about the Extraordinary Goddess Pageant:


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For all Pageant matters, contact us @ +65 9126 3420 (WhatsApp), SG91263420 (WeChat) or email to us into@bellydanceextraordinaire.com



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