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Jamila is often lauded by many as South East Asia's most beautiful and captivating Queen of Oriental Dance. She is one of Singapore's most influential and outstanding Oriental Dance artiste. Formerly a professional model, Jamila was appointed as Singapore's "Golden Flower" cultural ambassador to ASEAN, in 2009.
Jamila's dance style is a masterful and radiant combination of grace, charm, mystery and emotions. It is an angelic, elegant style she has honed and continues to perfect over the years. Her ability to be move as 'one' with the music and to amplify the musical score with fluid, mesmerizing body movements bars none. As the audience, you will be treated to an exquisite visual-audio choreography like no other. Jamila attributes this to her inherent ability to 'decipher' musical keynotes naturally and intrinsically.
Jamila is often invited overseas both as a teacher and as a dance artiste. Countries include France, Hungary, Turkey, Egypt, Korea, China, Vietnam, & & Malaysia. In the local media circle, Jamila is a frequently invited guest for interviews and performances on television and various other media and publications. She performed at events such as the F1 Race, the Youth Olympic Games, the local Chinese Embassy and also at many big charity events, among others. Jamila has performed for local important figures such as the President of Singapore, Mdm. Halimah Yacob, former Singapore Presidents Dr. Tony Tan and the late Mr. S.R Nathan, former Emeritus Senior Minister Dr. Goh Chok Tong and the Founding Father of Singapore, the late Minster Mentor Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

In the last 10 years, Jamila frequently devotes her time and energy to helping the less fortunate through charity work and fund-raising performances - believing that everlasting beauty comes from the heart.
  • $420,928 at the 2021 Sian Chay Bonds and Shines with You Gala Show
  • $1,557,047 at the 2019 Beauty with a Purpose Charity Gala Show
  • $268,126 at the 2018 World Belly Dance Festival
  • $10,243,443 at the 2017 Love from Sian Chay Charity Gala Show
  • $112,000 at the 2016 World Belly Dance Festival
She believes that we can all enjoy a serene, beautiful world from the positive energies of dance and charity work - because in helping others,  we are also helping ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually - and that is life’s greatest joy.


Highlights from Jamila's career;

  • Organizer of the 2019 World Belly Dance Festival
  • Invited Guest Performer for France's Oriental Festival and Singapore Sian Chay Medical Institute's Inaugural TV Charity Show

  • Organizer of the 2018 BE Extravaganza Show
  • Raised SGD $370,050 in charity funds for Sian Chay Medical Institution
  • Invited Guest Performer in Hungary's Oriental Festival

  • Organizer of the 2016 World Belly Dance Festival
  • Raised SGD $112,000 in charity funds for Sian Chay Medical Institution
  • Invited Star Performer for the 2016 Sian Chay Charity Gala Dinner & Concert
  • Star Performer, Judge and Master Teacher at Oriental Festivals in:
    • Seoul, South Korea
    • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • Organizer of the 2015 World Belly Dance Festival
  • Star Performer, Judge and Master Teacher at Oriental Festivals in:
    • Seoul, South Korea
    • Shanghai, China
    • Xi'an, China
    • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • Organizer of the 2014 World Belly Dance Festival
  • Special Guest Performer and Master Teacher at Festivals in Shanghai & Xiamen, China.

  • Championship winner of the Traditional and Fusion categories in the Rakkas Istanbul International Oriental Dance Festival one of the largest and best dance festivals recognized internationally.
  • Voted as World Bellydance Star.
  • Participated in "So You Think You Can Dance", Shanghai/China.
  • Performed in the ”舞出我人生” Live Show, aired on China CCTV.
  • Guest performer and teacher at the Nile Group, Beijing/China.

  • Organized a unique musical drama show with a Cleopatra theme, entitled "穿越 (Chuan Yue)"
  • Performed in a live dance duet with Taiwanese International singer Qi Yu. The show had an audience in excess of 7,000.
  • Performed in the "Sheng Siong Live Show", aired on local television, Mediacorp Channel 8.

  • Organized Singapore's first musical theatre bellydance show
  • Silver and Bronze medal winner in the Traditional and Fusion categories, respectively, at Korea's International Belly Dance Competition

  • First instructor in Singapore to conduct a series of 16 Oriental Dance lessons over the air on local television, Mediacorp Channel 8. Exceptionally well-received.
  • Participated in "One Moment of Glory", aired on Mediacorp Channel 5.

  • Represented Singapore in ASEAN's "Golden Flower Beauty Pageant" on Vietnam's HCM television station
  • Guest performer for China's Guangxi Satellite television station and speaker for Art of Belly Dancing

  • Championship winner, Solo Category, Asia Global Belly Dance Competition


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